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Mirrored Walls, Full Length Mirrors, Gym Mirror Walls, Large Vanity Mirrors

Grossman’s cuts and installs mirrored walls and floor-to-ceiling mirrors in homes, gyms, yoga studios and more. They also install commercial and residential large bath vanity mirrors, and mirrored dressing areas. All Grossman mirrors are 1/4″ with polished edges and are installed by their professional glaziers.

Because Grossman’s understands the play between light and reflections, they can help you choose the perfect size and mirror placement. Whether adding mirrors to a bath, dressing area, gym or living space, they are happy to work alongside you or your designer.

Shower Glass & Mirror Installation Boca Raton

As a well-established business serving Palm Beach and Broward County for over 30 years, Grossman’s has designed and installed mirrors in hundreds of homes and businesses. View photo gallery.

In addition to professional mirror installation, Grossman’s also offers mirror removal and/or replacement of large mirror walls.

To see how mirrors can enhance your spaces, submit the “Get A Quick Quote!” form or call (561) 305-0192. It’s fast and easy, and you’ll always get a response from the owner Barry Grossman.

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