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Frameless Shower Enclosure and Vanity MirrorsFrameless Shower Enclosure and Vanity Mirrors
Frameless Shower DoorsFrameless Shower Doors

Glass Shower Enclosure Configurations

Euroslide: frameless sliding door suspended by rollers from the top, also called hydroslide, or Serenity®.
Hydroslide: frameless sliding door suspended by rollers from the top, also called euroslide or Serenity®.
Kneewall: a partial wall or buttress, also called sidewall.
Neo angle: three-sided shower, whose door is at a 45º angle to the side panels.
Panel and door: panel attached to sidewall and door, door hinged to sidewall or panel.

Panel, door, panel: panel attached to a door, door attached to another panel; door can be hinged to either panel.
Panel, door, full return: shower door usually attached to sidewall with a full return panel on a 90º angle.
Panel and door, inline return: shower door typically attached to a sidewall and a notched panel.
Panel, door, kneewall return: shower door is attached to a sidewall, and a panel, panel is notched and attached to a return.
Pivot door: door that swings out, using pivot hinges top and bottom.
Return: the return is the piece of glass that is “returning” to the wall.
Serenity®: frameless sliding door suspended by rollers, also called hydroslide, or euroslide.
Shower door slider: same configuration as a tub slider, with the doors reaching the floor.
Single door: one door attached to a sidewall.
Sliding doors: doors that slide pass each other, usually on some type of framing or track, also called by-pass.
Steam shower: the shower ceiling is tiled, the shower glass touches the ceiling trapping the steam.
Transom: glass panel, usually above the door, that can be opened to vent steam.
Tub enclosure: tub with two doors, usually by-pass doors.
Tub slider: doors that slide pass each other, usually on framing or track (by-pass).

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